Incorporating a property business London

Incorporating a property business London

Stay ahead of the game if you are incorporating a property business in London.

The government loves to change things up where tax law and ruling is concerned, often leading to confusion and non-compliance by many businesses – particularly SMEs.

This can be dangerous and inefficient to your company, leaving it in need of updating to achieve that all-important compliance and a competitive edge.

This is why if you are incorporating a property business in London, we are the top experts providing advice all around incorporating a property business, property partnership incorporation and all tax rental incorporations.

Where incorporating a property business is concerned, there’s lots to know in 2021 and beyond. For owners of businesses that operate on a buy-to-let model, the question of how to incorporate personally owned companies into a formal company is just one of the many questions we get asked.

Best practice advice about incorporating a business

As legal specialists in taxation and relevant UK law, the BHP team is well equipped to guide you and your company towards best practice and to advise you on how you should approach incorporating a property business in London.

This isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ question. There are a set of important questions we’ll help you ask yourself as you consider your options, from how you’re going to handle deductibility of interest to how whether the benefits of company operation, such as interest relief and corporation tax, are worth the change to you.

If you are planning on building a portfolio of properties in London, then having a corporation can be significantly more beneficial as it provides limited liability and the administration costs can be spread over various properties.

Tine to talk about incorporating your property business

So, if you are looking to incorporate a property business in London our specialist tax and legal team is here today, to put any concerns and queries you have to rest.
With the support of our specialists, we’ll offer contemporary advice that equips you with the knowledge you need to make a fully informed decision when incorporating your property portfolio.

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Incorporating a property business London