Incorporation Relief London

Incorporation Relief London

Answers to common questions about incorporation relief in London.

The subject of tax and what incorporation of a property entails has always been a query the BHP team has assisted with.

In recent years, however, we’ve noticed that it has become increasingly relevant to the owners of businesses large and small. Incorporation relief on London properties needs to be managed correctly to ensure you get the allowed incorporation relief; whether you are in central London or on the London outskirts.

The shift in the management of tax affairs that follows incorporation is significant, potentially saving a business significant amounts of money and altering the way in which they handle their affairs.

By employing a diverse range of specialists in tax and incorporation relief property matters, we are ideally suited to answer your questions and to advise on your best actions and opportunities. 

We know London, we know London properties and we are expert tax specialist for incorporation relief.

What should I know about incorporation relief?

Property incorporation relief is difficult for some business owners to understand due to the fact that there is no explicit definition of what a business is where incorporation is concerned. It’s not guaranteed that any business, be it a property rental company or otherwise, is entitled to full relief. 

It’s generally true that HMRC will assume that your liabilities won’t be considered, but even then it’s important to state that this is usually only understood by concession.
It’s been the case many times that a business has been perceived by the HMRC as abusing the availability of incorporation relief, leaving a company liable for more debt and complication than it expected!

Making incorporating your company simple

So, if you are looking for advice on incorporation relief on a property in London, or your company needs help with company incorporation relief, our specialist tax and legal team are here to help!

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