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Updated: Feb 1

In this weeks episode , our special guests are James Wilson of FLM Wealth Management, ex-chartered accountant, ex-TV gameshow personality and ex-former boyband member, and David Welsh, Scottish and English barrister, discussing private client matters and trustee disputes issues.

James takes us through the wide variety of investment work he undertakes on behalf of clients, both in the UK and abroad and regales us with tales from his past.(James Wilson can be contacted at

We then listen to David who discusses common disputes between trustees and beneficiaries and how to remedy these situations and also explaining the subtle differences between Scottish and English law. (David Welsh can be contacted at and

Join us next week, where we are joined by Edward Jones and Sandra Rankine, property litigation solicitors, in England & Scotland, discussing the very real issues landlords and tenants (residential and commercial) are facing under the current CV19 pandemic.

A new episode will be uploaded each week, and if you have any burning questions or queries regarding any tax or legal topic surrounding UK property, then we would love you to send them in to to us at, marked 'Property Planet' and we will try and include them in the next podcast.

Also if you would like to arrange a free 30 minute consultation on a particular tax or legal matter relating to UK property ownership, investment or development, then please contact the team on +44 20 7129 1432 or email us at enquiries@bhptax.lawWe'd love to hear from you.

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