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Josh Landmann, My Training Diary – 15th August 2019

Training since Besancon World Cup has been very positive in many ways with some downs. Due to us having some very good weather through June and July the consistency of road training on my bike and chair have been really good, then came the upset. I ended up crashing on my bike whilst out for a long ride. I was about 500 meters from finishing my training ride after being out on the road for over 2.5 hours when I came across three horses taking up the road (this was down single track country lanes). Horses get very spooked by hand cycles as they aren’t used to seeing them out on the road. I tried to make it down a gravel track but I’d just gone too far past, which then sent me into a hedge. As my feet are out in front of me, they took all of the impact – 27-29kph into a cut back hedge, to a dead stop. I came out with scratches and bruises and a fractured left foot. 

It’s now been just over 4 weeks since I had my accident and training is back in full flow. It was slow over the last couple of weeks due to the injury as we didn’t want to prolong the recovery time but it feels very good that have the training hours back up to what they used to be. 

Last week I spent some time down in Loughborough at the University training with the squad, and I’m now preparing for a mid season camp out in Morzine. I’ll be doing a lot of hill rides and a lot of open water swimming down at Lake Geneva which is only a 30 minute drive down the valley. Due to the injury I’m using this training camp as a boost to focus on training with no distractions. I’ll be setting off the evening of the 17th August after I’ve raced at Superhero Series which is held at Dorney Lake and won’t be coming back until early September. 

My next international races don’t start again until September with the first one out in Banyoles on the 8th September.

I will be back in touch then.