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Josh Landmann, My Training Diary – 5th November 2019

“That’s it. My second season in triathlon is finished, and it’s finished on a high. Firstly I would just like to thank everyone at Bell Howley that has made all my racing possible this year.

Without your support on this journey I wouldn’t have been able to travel to the places I’ve had to, to get the vital points I need to get, to have a chance of qualifying for Tokyo 2020.

October held the last two races of my season, firstly in Alanya, Turkey. Now that race didn’t all go as planned but I still came out with quality points. The swim was strong considering a non-wetsuit swim was called, then the bike course was slower than I thought. It came down to the run section, on a course which to me was questionable for its ‘safety’ in a racing wheelchair.

On lap one of three I ended up crashing into the railings, which twisted my front fork. It made the rest of the run course very difficult, probably a situation where most athletes would have pulled out. I knew this wasn’t an option as the points were so vital for me to gain, it took me an extra 10/11 minutes to finish than usual. I may not have caught the athlete placed in front of me, but I would have certainly got close. Ended up placing 6th

The second race took me back to where I started my international racing career, Madeira. Again, this race was vital to place well to get good points which I did. The race was smooth but hilly and that’s what took it out of me. One relatively long drag up on the bike and a shortish steep hill on the chair. After last year I was 5 minutes faster than this year on the bike section and was hoping to improve on the chair, but the course was so different and not comparable. I ended up placing 5th which I’m happy with.

Looking over the whole season, a lot of my races have been relatively hilly, and its shown where I’m weak, and areas that I need to improve going into next season. To me this is finishing on a high, noticing areas where you can improve. Obviously finishing on a podium for each race is the dream but realistically it’s going to happen over time, and I’m certainly not far off that. I’m really looking forward to starting back training again this week, working on what I need to, and bringing the best I can, going into 2020.

Thank you Bell Howley for all your support over the year, and thank you for getting behind me in this journey.”