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Josh Landmann, My Training Diary – 7th June 2019

“Training has been going well, and these last few weeks have been non-stop; but it’s all be good fun.

I have had a few problems with my shoulder for the last few months when I’ve been swimming so I’ve not been able to progress my swim any further, which I am disappointed about as it is limiting my progress, but these things happen in sport. Apart from my shoulder not playing ball, my bike and chair training has been fantastic and I’m feeling strong in both disciplines coming into the first World Cup race out in Besançon, France on Sunday 16th June. I’ve been told the bike course is a little tough, but I love a challenge and I have a few ideas in mind as to how I’m going to tackle the course. I will report back on my success!

I’ve got a few more days of good tough training over the weekend, with a day off scheduled for Monday; that’s when I’m going to prep all my kit ready for packing. I am off over to my coaches on Tuesday for a big day of training and race planning before we travel on Thursday morning.

I look forward to updating my diary when I’m back, but to follow my progress on the race please follow me on Twitter and Instagram.”