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Joshua Landmann – Training Diary

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

“It’s been just over two weeks since my last training diary update and to be honest not an awful lot has changed, apart from one little thing – I’M NOW BACK SWIMMING!!

It’s a little strange for me to be getting excited over swimming, but I’m not going to lie, not being able to swim for over two months has been a bit sad. After my winter camp in La Manga, Spain I came back home in a really strong position with my swimming, hitting personal best after personal best. I was actually getting really excited for the season to start to be able to see where I would come out against the rest of the field after the previous season. But that suddenly stopped.

Last week on the 18th June, I was up at the crack of dawn and in the car on the way to Salford Quays for my first swim & open water swim since the lockdown. It was only 30 minutes but you’ve got to start off steady and build into it otherwise injuries can occur, and it only puts you back further (sensible head). Considering i hadn’t swam in months, I felt great. There’s buoy’s set out into a 500m loop and plenty of other swimmers to swim with, which makes the whole session loads easier and more enjoyable.

In my last training diary I covered a little bit on ‘Prize Money’ and told you that as para-athletes within Para-Triathlon under the ITU (International Triathlon Union) we don’t get prize money at any races throughout the year. Not at World Cups, World Series, Europeans or even World Championship events. I’ve tried to understand why we don’t, but the ‘Elites’ (able-bodied) athletes do, but there isn’t an awful lot on the internet to explain why. Personally, I find it quite discriminative that able-bodied athletes can have race purses upwards of £10,000 and we have nothing. As a wheelchair athlete, I have to spend my money on a hand cycle that can cost upwards of £8,000, a racing wheelchair upwards from £2,000, my daily wheelchair which can be £4,000 upwards – an ambulant athlete has a £2,500+ bike and £120 pair of trainers, and they still get prize money which makes me very reliant on the generosity of sponsors and family.

Little rant over……

On the positive side, things are looking like they are going to change. Within the ITU rules it does say that no prize money is allowed within Para-Triathlon but Triathlon USA took no notice of that and for this year’s race in Florida they had prize money up to $2000. It’s exciting to see people are wanting to change it, and it’s even more exciting when they take no notice of the rules, which in my view I’m totally in on. We have seen changes with women’s football and I am hoping that the long overdue and necessary change regarding prize money can become part of the norm over the coming years as it would encourage more people into the sport and make the racing a whole lot more competitive.“

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