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Joshua Landmann – Training Diary Oct 2020

Back to training!

So, the winter is here and I’ve had my end of season break. It was much needed after this years training load and with everything else that came with it. The past season was very different and a whole lot more challenging than the typical race calendar.

For my break I headed to Fife with my girlfriend, Sophie. We rented a little two-bedroom cottage just outside the small town of Lundin Links (25 minutes from St Andrews) for 4 nights, which was exactly what we needed.

There wasn’t much round, but that is why we liked it. We spent most of our days driving up and down the coast of Fife, stopping in a different pubs, cafes, restaurants, distilleries, golf courses. The majority of the little stay-cay was spent eating and drinking what we wanted; obviously nothing alcoholic when driving.

After our stay was up there, we headed back in the direction of home but took a slight detour for a night’s stay at The Caledonian, and a day exploring the beautiful city of Edinburgh.

And now…. I’m back to the daily grind!

This time last year I was still very much in my race season, with one race left at the end of October in Madeira. As I’m not racing this year it’s giving me a lot more time to prepare heading into the New Year. I’m able to start winter prep a lot sooner, nearly two months sooner than last year, so when it comes to me heading out on my camp (where ever that may be this year) I’ll be in better condition to take more intense load throughout my training from January to February.

It’s this time of year that I find most challenging when it comes to training. October through till December and January can be very wet, miserable, cold and just not very motivating to get up and train. I’m someone who likes to get out on the road and train as it’s more realistic, but when the temperatures really start to drop and we have week-long downpours, I’m stuck to training indoors on my rollers and turbo trainers. It makes sessions very demoralising but in the end, it’s got to be done.

I’ve recently invested in a new indoor turbo trainer, which will allow me to ride virtually with people all over the world on different courses, which I’m hoping bring me a lot more enjoyment whilst indoor training. Two weeks in and so far, so good. The weather hasn’t been too bad so I’m making the most of the relatively good conditions, it just means a lot of bike cleaning after training sessions.

I’m looking forward to building the training hours back up to 18-20 hours per week and hopefully make some more gains before next year’s race season starts again. On that, the ITU (International Triathlon Union) have already given us some dates on races for next year so fingers crossed they go ahead and we can get the Paralympic Qualification period back open.

But at the moment, I’ve just got to keep happy, keep focused and enjoy myself!