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May News and Updates

Hello to all our readers,

We've got more interesting updates for you this month!

Simon has had another article published in the Tax Adviser magazine covering SDLT. We have a VAT update from Jane Deeks and couples buying a property together, watch out! We're sharing and Interesting survey to show how COVID has made us think about retiring early. Also not forgetting the formal complaint against HMRC!

Sorry a couple of things about death too - capital gains to be paid after death and how the courts can decide, after you have made a will and died, that they will give the money differently than requested......

Another Article Published in the Tax Adviser Magazine - Will History Repeat Itself?

Simon has had another article published in the Tax Adviser magazine!

In it he considers the complexities of the stamp duty land tax and asks whether they could be open to abuse.


VAT News Update

Welcome to the April VAT News update from Jane Deeks, our VAT Consultant.

Jane is a member of the VAT Practitioner Group with over 20 years experience. She has particular experience in land and property, partial exemption, planning and consultancy.

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Beneficial Joint Tenants – A Cautionary Tale.

How should couples buy a property together.....

Whenever couples are buying property together, one of the first things that would and should be discussed with their legal adviser is how they will be ‘holding’ the beneficial equity.


Retiring in 2021… or beyond

A recent survey of people who have retired or plan to retire in 2021 provides interesting insights, whatever your intended retirement year.

How has COVID changed peoples retirement plans; what percentage will retire earlier now?


Poke'em In The Eye - Making a formal complaint against HMRC! Sometimes a taxpayer may find themselves in a position whereby HMRC seem to be taking an inordinate amount of time to settle a particular issue or the service received as a 'customer' does not meet the standards expected


Testator’s children’s claims…..needs Vs wants is the key to success.

Here’s a case where the courts chose the needs of a person rather than the wants of a will.

Can the court really decide how to distribute your money even though you have made a will?


Selling a property post death – Is there a capital gains tax charge?For capital gains tax purposes, there is a tax-free uplift to the market value at the date of death, irrespective of whether any inheritance tax is payable at the estate. This effectively resets the base value for capital gains tax purposes going forward.


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