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October News and Updates

Hello to all our readers,

In this months newsletter we are pleased to provide our latest podcast where we discuss all the recent SDLT updates with Barrister, Patrick Cannon. Amanda has covered an interesting case where the estate of the late Monty Python star Terry Jones is being disputed by the children from his first marriage who are claiming that changes to his will whilst he was suffering from dementia are invalid.

​She also talks about the downside of hastily prepared LPA's which were made at the beginning of the pandemic and the fallout as a result of the backlog of delays!

We're also sharing another two articles from Simon about when you can write-off HMRC arrears and where spouses and civil partners can benefit from special rules for capital gains tax.

Well done again to Simon with another article featured in the Leaders Council!

We would also like to announce Client Lunches are back! We were delighted to meet up in Gaucho’s in Piccadilly, London at the beginning of October.

SDLT Update - Multiple Dwellings Relief - all the recent updates...

In this podcast episode , we are joined by Patrick Cannon, Barrister, and a recognised expert on all things SDLT. We discuss all of the recent tax tribunal cases relating to claims for Multiple Dwellings Relief for SDLT, and what will, and what will now not succeed; should HMRC challenge a claim. Listen now>>>

The Python, Dementia and a Will....

It has recently been reported in the press (The Times 2 October 2021) that the estate of Terry Jones the much loved Monty Python star who died in January 2020 and his second wife Anna Söderström’s entitlement (she is thought to be the main beneficiary of the estate), is being contested...Read more>>>

When HMRC can write off arrears and the work of the Adjudicators office.

The Adjudicators Office (AO) is a little known but powerful government department independent of HMRC. Its remit is to rule on whether HMRC have handled a complaint 'appropriately and given a reasonable decision...Read more>>>

Making use of a spouse’s allowable losses.

Spouses and civil partners benefit from special rules for capital gains tax purposes which allow them to transfer assets between them at a value that gives rise to neither a gain nor a loss. The transferee spouse/civil partner effectively takes on the transferor’s base cost. This can be very useful from a tax planning perspective...Read more>>>

LPAs and the System Delays.

At the beginning of the first lockdown, there was a clamour for Lasting Powers of Attorney as loved ones became incapacitated.

If you lose capacity whether temporarily or permanently your ‘next of kin’ has no automatic right to have ANY say in your care!


Client Lunches are Back!

Simon and Amanda were delighted to kick off October with a long overdue client lunch. They opted for Gaucho’s in Piccadilly, a firm favourite pre-lock down, which true to form started at 1pm and ended well beyond dinner. Read more>>>

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