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Optimum Tax Structures For Holding Property...and Who'd Be A Property Developer?

Updated: Feb 18

In this weeks episode , our special guests are Patrick Soares of Field Court Tax Chambers and Michael Bennett, entrepreneur and property developer.

Patrick explains the optimum tax structures for holding property and Michael explains how he got into property development and what a steep learning curve it is from day 1! (Patrick Soares can be contacted at

Join us next week, where we are joined by Katherine Bullock of Field Court Tax Chambers where we discuss incorporation of a property business and the tricky issues surrounding Inheritance Tax business property relief and property businesses.

A new episode will be uploaded each week, and if you have any burning questions or queries regarding any tax or legal topic surrounding UK property, then we would love you to send them in to to us at, marked 'Property Planet' and we will try and include them in the next podcast.

Also if you would like to arrange a free 30 minute consultation on a particular tax or legal matter relating to UK property ownership, investment or development, then please contact the team on +44 20 7129 1432 or email us at We'd love to hear from you.

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