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Property litigation under CV19 and how landlords can change the locks...legally!

In this weeks episode , our special guests are Edward Jones and Sandra Rankine, property litigation solicitors, in England & Scotland, discussing the very real issues landlords and tenants are facing under the current CV19 pandemic.

They take us through the ins and out of the property litigation market under the current climate, from the tenants and the landlords perspective, and give us valuable tips on how to resolve (or avoid where possible) current and prospective disputes between tenant and landlords.(Edward and Sandra can be contacted at

Join us next week, where we are joined by the powerhouse that is the Hammered Auction House team of Piotr Rusinek and Jay Howard.

They explain the function and the versatility of using an auction house, both to buy and sell property, and give us the top 5 mistakes that people make; plus some real horror stories of what can go wrong!

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