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Property Planning Ideas, Loan Charge Update and Property Networks - Good or Bad?

In this weeks episode we are joined by special guests Andrew Thornhill QC of Exchequer Chambers and Adam Lawrence of Partners In Property Network (PIPN). Andrew takes us through the history of Exchequer Chambers, and what types of work they are involved in, before an interesting discussion on property structures and possible new property IHT planning ideas.

We then shoot off on a tangent to discuss the current aspects of the Loan Charge defence, which Andrew is very much involved with, and which may very well effect many listeners. (Andrew Thornhill QC can be contacted at

We then have a lively debate on the merits of joining a property network, with Adam taking us through what really sets PIPN apart from its rivals.

Some of the issues covered are:

  • What is PIPN?

  • Who are the founders of PIPN and their property backgrounds?

  • What is the geographical coverage of PIPN?

  • What is the membership structure?

  • What can members expect from joining PIPN?

  • What type of people join PIPN and what do they tend to be looking for?

  • What sets PIPN apart?

  • What should people look for when joining a property network?

  • What are the things they should look out for to avoid costly mistakes?

(Adam Lawrence can be contacted at

Join us next week where we are joined by Patrick Way QC of Field Court Tax Chambers to discuss SDLT and the Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings and our very own VAT expert Jane Deeks to discuss VAT grouping, Transfers of a Going Concern, Options to Tax on Commercial Premises and much more.