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September News and Updates

Hello to all our readers,

First off - A Special Well Done to Amanda! Last month we were all wondering if she could make it (even Amanda herself!), but she's done it! Running a half marathon for a brilliant charity, and one very close to Amanda's heart. If you didn't get chance to read her story last month we would love you to take the time to read her personal, emotional story here as to why this charity is so close to her heart.

Simon has been added to the stable of authors for Tax Insider Pro and delighted to be admitted as a member of the Stamp Taxes Practitioners Group (see more information below). Also being released very soon in the Tax Adviser is an article that examines the complexities of the 3% surcharge to stamp duty land tax, and what constitutes an ‘only or main residence’.

Also, soon to be released, another article in the Tax Journal which examines the interaction of trusts and SDLT, which is often not well understood; watch this space as the articles are released!

In this months newsletter we are pleased to provide our latest podcast where we discuss Raising Property Finance.

In our monthly articles we are covering Avoiding an HMRC Investigation, Paying Inheritance Tax in Instalments along with No jab, No Job, find out if this is possible!

Raising Property Finance How to raise property finance efficiently for UK property investments & developments projects..... In this podcast episode, we are joined by Ahkil Mair of Our Mortgage Broker, a specialist mortgage broker. Discussing all the important issues surrounding refinancing a commercial or residential property Listen now>>>

What Do HMRC Look For?

Avoiding an investigation - what do HMRC look for?

Last year apart, the number of tax enquiries is on the increase; the reason is not because more taxpayers are seeking to defraud the tax system but because advances in digital technology and data exploitation are enabling more efficiently targeted enquiries.


Inheritance Tax Installments

Paying inheritance tax in instalments.

Where inheritance tax is payable on an estate, it must normally be paid by the end of the sixth month after that in which the death occurred. For example, if the deceased died on 22 August 2021, inheritance tax on the estate would be due by 28 February 2022.


‘No Jab, No Job?’

‘No jab, no job?’ and other workplace challenges.

Now that more employees have been returning to the workplace, employers face several potentially challenging issues.

Vaccination is one of the most problematic – businesses may wish to insist on employees being vaccinated.....


Simon has been added to the stable of authors for Tax Insider Pro.

Tax Insider publishes magazines and articles written by leading tax professionals, offering practical tax saving ideas and insight on topical tax issues. Established in 2006, we have helped thousands of our customers including business owners, property investors and high net worth taxpayers, as well as professional advisers with their general taxpayer clients.

Simon has also been admitted as a member of the Stamp Taxes Practitioners Group.

The Stamp Taxes Practitioners Group (STPG) is the leading professional forum for stamp duty taxes practitioners consisting of 183 members. Members are drawn from the legal, accountancy and surveying professionals and include practitioners in the fields of tax, real estate and conveyancing.

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Thank you for reading our latest news and if you've got a tax or legal issue you would like us to cover in our next newsletter, or any specific questions related to our articles this month, please let us know!

Kind regards, Simon, Amanda and the team at Bell Howley Perrotton.